Human Resources

Our HR Consulting Services help manage your human resources, to help your business succeed.

HR Consulting Services

Elite has extensive HR expertise to boost your business’ employment efforts. When you’re partnered with us, you get freedom to focus on your core business, and the assurance that your company is following HR best practices and employment law.

We offer help with recruiting, hiring, retention, and conflict resolution. You can count on Elite’s long HR experience to help your company achieve the best in compensation, compliance, handbooks & policies, training, and HR audits

Affordable Care Act

Ensuring your business is compliant with the ACA.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

We understand the inns-and-outs of keeping you EEO compliant.

Fair Labor Standards Act

Keeping you compliant with the Department of Labor rules.

Family Medical Leave Act

Protecting you and your employees when it comes to Department Of Labor rules.

I-9 and Immigrant Employment

We provide you with support and accuracy checks for your vetting process.

New Hires

Guidance for the new employee on-boarding process.

SSN Verification

Let us run your double checks to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Sexual Harassment

We can educate your staff on workplace conduct, as well as guide you through the resolution process.

Wrongful Termination

If it’s necessary to part ways then we will make sure that you are fulfilling your legal obligations, protecting you and your business.

Veterans' Employment

We understand the Department of Labor rules on veteran employment, and can educate you on your obligations.

Employee Handbooks & Safety Manuals

We can build any type of internal documentation that you need for the successful operations of your business.

Job Descriptions

From job descriptions to training procedures, we can write the materials that are needed to recruit and retain workers.

Employee Reviews

Keeping records of your employees is crucial. We can help you keep proper employee reviews, discipline, and termination records.

Our Professionals

A full face photograph of Ala Zaki.

Ala' Zaki

Ala has more than 25 years of experience in tax planning and preparation, as well as extensive experience in business accounting and management.

A professional headshot portrait of Candice Wells.

Candice Wells

Candice has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector, including practice management, compliance, and productivity optimization.

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