• January 16: 2023 fourth quarter estimated tax payment due date.
  • January 16: Start of filing season for business tax returns.
  • January 29: Start date for IRS accepting individual tax returns.
  • April 15: IRS filing and extension request deadline for most of the United States.
  • October 15: Due date for extension filers.

On January 16, the fourth quarter estimated tax payments for 2023 are due, and it is also the start date of the filing season for business tax returns. On January 29, the filing season for individual tax returns begins. For most of the nation, April 15 is the tax deadline for filing returns or requesting an extension, while Maine and Massachusetts have until April 17. October 15 is the deadline for those who have filed for an extension.

Mark Your Calendar for the April 15 Federal Tax Filing Deadline

The federal tax filing deadline is one of the most important dates in the calendar year for taxpayers. This deadline, which falls on April 15th each year, requires all individuals, businesses, and other organizations to either submit their tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service or file for an extension. Failure to meet the deadline can result in penalties and interest charges, making it critical to file on time.

While the tax filing deadline can be stressful, there are several resources available to help taxpayers meet the deadline. The IRS website offers free tax preparation software for individuals with an income of $79,000 or less, making it easier for many taxpayers to file their returns. Additionally, tax professionals and accountants can assist with tax preparation and offer guidance on deductions and credits that can help reduce tax liability.

It is important to note that taxpayers can request an extension to file their returns, but this does not extend the deadline for payment. Regardless of the method chosen, it is essential to ensure that all information is accurate and complete before submitting a tax return, as errors or omissions can lead to additional penalties and interest charges. By taking the time to prepare and file taxes properly, individuals can avoid potential issues and ensure compliance with federal tax laws.

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